In the debut episode of the Canadian Portfolio Manager podcast, we kick things off by helping you choose which Vanguard Asset Allocation ETF is right for you. During the show, Justin estimates the future expected returns of these one-fund solutions, and also discusses the reasons for their overweight to Canadian stocks. At the end of the podcast, personal finance expert, Robb Engen (of Boomer and Echo fame), asks Justin whether he should optimize his portfolio to save on product fees and taxes.



  • Using Vanguard’s Investor Questionnaire as a starting point to determining a suitable portfolio mix between stocks and bonds [0:02:54.1]
  • Why you shouldn’t buy any of these ETFs if you need the cash back in less than 5 years [0:04:17.1]
  • Picking the best asset allocation ETF for your time horizon [0:05:03.1]
  • Why you should pay more attention to your willingness to take risk, rather than your ability to take risk [0:06:04.1]
  • Considerations for new investors who want to dive head first into an aggressive all-equity portfolio [0:08:50.1]
  • How to estimate the future returns on stocks and bonds [0:10:53.1]
  • The underwhelming expected returns for VCIP, VCNS, VBAL, VGRO and VEQT [0:18:28.1]
  • ETF Kombat: VGRO vs. XGRO [0:20:24.1]
  • The “optimal” split between Canadian and foreign stocks in your portfolio [0:24:17.1]
  • Is a more complicated portfolio worth the hassle (featuring Robb Engen)? [0:33:12.1]

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