In Episode 7 of the Canadian Portfolio Manager podcast, Justin takes investors on an epic journey through the new “Plaid” model ETF portfolios. During the show, investors will learn the asset location strategies necessary to manage their very own Plaid portfolio. Michael James (creator of the popular personal finance blog, Michael James on Money) will also drop by to share his personal experiences managing a Plaid-like portfolio. As always, there will be an exciting ETF Kombat – this time, between XEF and IEFA, who will battle it out in your TFSA, RRSP and taxable accounts. After the match, we’ll take you through the advantages and disadvantages of going Plaid. And to end the show, Justin will answer an asset location question from David, who is currently managing a 100% equity portfolio.



  • I don’t get it (in search of the true meaning behind the “Plaid” reference in Spaceballs) [0:00:46.7]
  • The basic asset location concepts behind the Plaid portfolios [0:02:33.7]
  • Setting up a Plaid portfolio (in just 10 “simple” steps) [0:03:44.7]
  • Light vs. Ridiculous vs. Ludicrous vs. Plaid: After-tax performance comparison [0:11:10.7]
  • Michael James on Money discusses managing his Plaid-like portfolio [0:12:57.7]
  • ETF Kombat: XEF vs. IEFA (featuring PWL’s own Martin Dallaire as the voice of the judge [0:15:29.7]
  • Advantages and disadvantages of managing a Plaid portfolio [0:22:08.7]
  • Ask Bender: Asset location strategies for a 100% equity portfolio [0:25:39.7]


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