If you’re wondering whether you’re holding your ETFs in the right accounts, this episode of the CPM Podcast is for you. During the show, investors will learn how to properly implement a traditional asset location strategy with the new Ludicrous Model ETF Portfolios. Justin will also reveal why a Ludicrous portfolio can be a superior choice to simply holding the same asset allocation ETF across each account. We’ll then break up the discussion with an ETF Kombat between two popular U.S. equity funds: XUU and VUN. After the match, we’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of a Ludicrous portfolio. At the end of the episode, Justin will answer a common listener question: “Does all this technical tax stuff really matter for most investors?



  • The steps involved in setting up a Ludicrous portfolio [0:02:46.6]
  • Does this asset location strategy actually work? [0:05:10.6]
  • What’s really causing the Ludicrous portfolio’s huge performance advantage? [0:09:18.6]
  • Comparing apples-to-apples (or after-tax asset allocations to after-tax asset allocations) [0:11:08.6]
  • ETF Kombat: XUU vs. VUN (featuring PWL’s own Martin Dallaire as the voice of the judge [0:12:28.6]
  • Great reasons to consider a Ludicrous portfolio [0:17:56.6]
  • Potential disadvantages to managing a Ludicrous portfolio [0:20:49.6]
  • Ask Bender: “Does all this technical portfolio tax stuff really matter for most investors?[0:23:22.6]


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