DIY investing can be intimidating. Sure, I post model ETF portfolios on my blog that readers can download and implement at their favourite brokerage, but novice investors may still find the process overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve decided to set-up a DIY investing channel on YouTube (the videos have been produced by Tara Hunt and edited by Unbuttoned Media).  My initial videos will focus on the basics of implementing an ETF portfolio at each of the big bank discount brokerages.  Viewers will learn how to calculate the number of ETF shares to purchase and also how to place limit orders (this is great stuff for beginners).  Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of them – the videos are scheduled for release over the next few weeks.

Although I’ve used the actual ETFs from my model portfolios, please feel free to substitute any of the recommended ETFs for similar ones in the same asset class (I’ve included a list below of alternative ETF choices).

Alternative ETF choices


Sources: BlackRock Canada, Vanguard Canada, BMO

If you’re an investor with a smaller portfolio, you may also want to consider swapping out your US, international and emerging markets ETFs for a single global fund, such as the iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF (XAW) or the Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap ex Canada Index ETF (VXC) (the Canadian Couch Potato uses VXC in his model ETF portfolios).  This should help reduce trading commissions as you continue to manage your new ETF portfolio.

The first video in the series will be on How to Build an ETF Portfolio at TD Direct Investing.